Authors Da – De

Christine D’Abo
The Bond That Ties Us

Maria Dabrowska
“Miss Vincent” In the Stacks

Tabatha Jean D’Agata
Marvin Monster’s Big Date
Marvin Monster’s Teacher Jitters

Silver Wings Santiago Blue by Janet DaileyJanet Dailey (homepage)
Aspen Gold
A Capital Holiday
Silver Wings, Santiago Blue
“Striking a Match” Flower Girls

Ruth Jean Dale
“Something Borrowed, Something Blue” Flower Girls

Lisa Dale (homepage)
It Happened One Night
Simple Wishes

O.R. Dale
“The Bloodless Corpse ” 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories

Sandra Dallas
The Persian Pickle Club

John Dalmas
The Reality Matrix

Lauren Dane
Giving Chase
Taking Chase

Lois M. J. Danes
Ming-Shu and Her Cat

Ray Darby
“According to Plan” 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories

James Dashner
A Door in the Woods

Diane Mott Davidson (homepage)
Goldy Bear series
Catering to Nobody
Dying for Chocolate
The Cereal Murders
The Last Suppers
Killer Pancake
The Main Corpse
The Grilling SeasonFatally Flaky by Diane Mott Davidson
Prime Cut
Tough Cookie
Sticks and Scones
Chopping Spree
Double Shot
Dark Tort
Sweet Revenge
Fatally Flaky
Crunch Time
The Whole Enchilada

Robertson Davies

Christy Davis
The Mountain of Stone

Dee Davis (homepage)
Dark Deception
Dangerous Desires
Desperate Deeds
Deep Disclosure
Deadly Dance
Double Danger

Dorothy Salisbury Davis
“The Puppet ” A Woman’s Eye

John Earl Davis
“The Cap’n Sleeps ” 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories

Kenneth C. Davis and Sergio Ruzzier, illustrator
Don’t Know Much About World Myths

Lindsey Davis (homepage)
Marcus Didius Falco
The Silver Pigs

Robin S Davis CFP
Who’s Sitting on Your Nest Egg?

Sampson Davis, MD, George Jenkins, DDS, Rameck Hunt, MD, and Lisa Frazier Page
The Pact

Dianne Day
“Anna and the Mirror” Crimes Through Time II

L. Sprague de Camp
The Hand of Zei
“Two Yards of Dragon” Dragons The Greatest Stories

Charles de Lint (homepage)
The Blue Girl
Memory and Dream
“Saskia” Space Opera

James De Mille
“A Strange Manuscript found in a Copper Cylinder” in The Golden Age of Science Fiction

Charles De Vet
“There is a Reaper” in The Golden Age of Science Fiction

Virginia DeBerry with Donna Grant (homepage)
Far From the Tree

Roger Dee
“Unwelcome Tenant” 50 Short Science Fiction Tales

Jim DeFede
The Day the World Came to Town

Daniel Defoe
Moll Flanders
Robinson Crusoe

Robyn DeHart (homepage)
Legend Hunters
Desire Me
Treasure Me

Ted Dekker (homepage)
Thr3e by Ted DekkerThr3e

The Circle Series

Lester Del Rey
“Dead Ringer” in The Golden Age of Science Fiction
“Victory” in Great Classic Science Fiction

Barbara Delinsky (homepage)

Elizabeth Delisi (homepage)
Since All Is Passing

Ava Dellaira
Love Letters to the Dead

Jill Dembowski and James Patterson
Witch and Wizard: The Fire

Stephen Dentinger
“Damsel with a Derringer ” 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories
“The Seventieth Number” 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories
“Smothered Mate” 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories

August Derleth
“McIlvane’s Star” in The Golden Age of Science Fiction

Jude Deveraux (homepage)
An Angel for Emily
The Blessing
The Conquest
The Enchanged Land

The Mulberry Tree

The Taming
“The Teacher” Upon a Midnight Clear
“Unfinished Business” A Season in the Highlands

Montgomerys and Taggarts (publishing order)
The Black Lyon
Highland Velvet
Velvet Song
Velvet Angel
Twin of Fire
Twin of Ice
The Princess
The Awakening
The Maiden
A Knight in Shining Armor
Mountain Laurel
The Duchess
Sweet Liar
“The Invitation” The Invitation
“Matchmakers” The Invitation
“Change of Heart” Holiday of Love
“Just Curious” A Gift of Love
The Heiress
High Tide
Forever and Always

Someone to Love

Edilean Series
Scarlet Nights
Stranger in the Moonlight

James River Series
Counterfeit Lady
Lost Lady
River Lady

Other Series
The Summerhouse
Return to Summerhouse


Colin Dexter
Inspector Morse Series
Last Bus to Woodstock
Last Seen Wearing
The Daughters of Cain
The Remorseful Day